Lake Cumberland Area Development District
2384 Lakeway Dr. 
Russell Springs, KY 42642
Phone: 270-866-4200    Toll Free: 800-264-7093
Fax: 270-866-2044         ADRC: 270-866-7092

The primary focus of the Lake Cumberland Area Agency on Aging & Independent Living (LCAAAIL) is the delivery of various services to eligible persons aged 60 years and older. These services may be provided in-home through the Homecare Program or at a congregate setting, such as a senior citizen's center. Case Managers and Service Advisors coordinate the delivery of appropriate services. Participant Directed Services (PDS) is a Medicaid waiver program that lets Medicaid members, of any age, make choices regarding their plan of care and spending plan, and they may choose their own worker. The Veteran-Directed Care program offers in-home services to qualified veterans who may choose their own worker. Attendant Care is a direct service that can be provided to approved Medicaid Waiver recipients.

Aging Division Staff

Gwen Landis Co-Director LCAAAIL Aging Division ICC/CM Coordinator
Sonya Spoon SHIP and Kentucky Caregiver Program Coordinator; Backup Ombudsman
Tonya Bloyd Administrative Assistant; MIS Coordinator; National Family Caregiver Program Coordinator; Backup/Ombudsman; Kentucky Family Caregiver program
Pam Jones Independent Care Coordinator/ Case Manager
Makayla Shepard Independent Care Coordinator/ Case Manager

Social Service Division Staff

Susan Taylor Co-Director LCAAAIL Social Service Division Waiver/Eligibility Coordinator; Attendant Care Coordinator; Veteran Directed Care Coordinator
Agnes Sue Bumgardner Attendant Care Aide
Margaret Trowbridge Service Advisor
Cindy Kiser Quality Assurance/ Service Advisor
Sherry Spoon Waiver and Eligibility Coordinator
BJ Taylor Service Advisor
Lutisha Cucic Service Advisor
Carman Anderson Service Advisor
Rhonda Padilla Aging and Disability Resource Center Coordinator
Shelby Williams Service Advisor
Barbara Wilham ADRC specialist



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