Lake Cumberland Area Development District
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The FY 2022 - 2027 Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy Plan (CEDS) for the Lake Cumberland Area Development District (LCADD) serves as a road map for the development of the 10-county region. The document provides a broad overview of where the region currently stands, where it has been, and lays out a path for the next 5 years. This plan is to serve as a guiding document for the District’s agency staff and the Board of Directors in regards to developing a more economically resilient region.

The CEDS is developed through a joint funding agreement with the Economic Development Administration. The strategy is completely rewritten every five years, with annual updates in between. The document serves the Lake Cumberland Area Development District region. The LCADD serves the following 10 counties: Adair, Casey, Clinton, Cumberland, Green, McCreary, Pulaski, Russell, Taylor, and Wayne, and the 14 municipalities located within their boundaries.

The plan provides a description of current economic and demographic conditions of the region, an analysis of regional strengths and weaknesses, and an analysis of regional clusters. The plan also lists the economic development goals and objectives, with a plan of action that outlines the activities necessary to implement the goals and objectives.

The mission of LCADD is to provide a regional forum to local governments and citizens in order to identify issues and opportunities and to then provide leadership in planning and implementing projects and programs to improve the quality of life within the district.

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