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From October 2016 through September 2017, the Cumberlands Workforce Development Board (CWDB, the Board) engaged in a strategic planning process to redefine their mission and a vision for the future of the regional workforce. With a refocused mission and vision, goals, strategies, and action plans were developed that will ultimately guide the organization’s work over the next several years. Collaborating with Thomas P. Miller & Associates, a national workforce and economic development consulting firm, the process included participation and valuable insights from key workforce staff, economic development, education, and other workforce system partners and stakeholders.

The first phase of the strategic planning process focused on developing new mission and vision statements, identifying core focus areas, and crafting strategic goals for those focus areas. The second phase zoomed in further to define strategies, actions, and outcomes that will signal success of the goals.

During multiple facilitated strategic planning and committee work sessions, attendees and stakeholders were encouraged to think beyond programs and funding streams and take a higher level view of the area’s needs. Collaboratively, the participants created new draft mission and vision statements for the CWDB to consider adopting as a means to better inform the future of the workforce system in the 13-county service area. Major focus areas identified in the process include:

► Encouraging demand-focused job training and a skilled workforce

► Streamlining workforce services, particularly Business Services

► Expanding the labor pool and labor participation rate

► Use data to focus resources on workforce development

Directly informed by the region’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT), labor market information, stakeholder survey input, and strategic planning sessions, goals were identified for each of the focus areas. Focus area committees then worked to further define how these goals would be achieved, including multiple sessions to define strategies and action plans. Detailed notes from the meetings and data informing the process are available in the Appendices.

This strategic plan is a living document and intended to serve as a guide for the future, but is not a rigid set of instructions to follow precisely. A strategic plan should grow alongside the organization, with updates to goals and further development of strategies and action steps to keep the plan in-line with the Board’s new mission and vision for success.

View the entire document here.

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